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Karen Miraldi Life Coach


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Do you feel your hopes and passions define your dreams but not your life?It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can move beyond these feelings to fulfillment, joy and ease – to a place where feelings, thoughts and actions align so you can live your dreams. I work with people who want to live fuller, happier, even extraordinary lives. People, who want to listen, trust and act from their innate inner wisdom. People who strive to live with passion, purpose and authenticity.

Does this describe who you want to be?

As a life coach I can offer you a foundation of support and encouragement, a safe environment to explore the issues that keep you from becoming your best self and living your highest life. Using a wide range of individualized tools and techniques I will guide you to and through the obstacles that stand between you and your dreams. We’ll use each obstacle as springboard for transformation into the life you truly want to live! Lasting change comes through transformation, from the inside out. From living heartfully.

If you want to change your life now, contact me at:

Set up your free discovery consultation with me today and let’s explore how you can start living your life more heartfully each day.


Karen Miraldi

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