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Did you know the heart is the real brain of the body? Many of us have been taught to ignore the messages from the heart and to value the intellect much more.  We focus on thinking instead of feeling, missing the major messages our body sends to us throughout the day.  This was true for me. As a lawyer, I was trained to operate from the neck up. I looked through the fear-based lens of what could go wrong. I was trained to anticipate problems instead of feeling into what could be and creating a reality I wanted. I knew something was missing and spent 20+ years on a  journey of self-discovery that continues to this day. I learned that the secret to great leadership comes from living consciously from the heart.




This foundational workshop introduces key principles of heart-centered living and leading. In this fun and experiential workshop you will learn about your energy and how to optimize it – to reduce stress, increase vitality, and have better mental clarity – so you can live a more peaceful, creative and fulfilling life. Through the Integrated Performance Model (Alan Watkins, 2014), learn how your thinking, feeling, emotions and physiology get you the results and behaviours you have in your life. You will learn how energy management is more important than time management. When you can manage your energy more effectively you can be more productive in the same amount of time. You will understand how harnessing the power of the heart is critical to well being and achieving goals too. To that end, you will be given techniques to achieve coherence, an optimal state when the heart and the brain are in sync. When you are in coherence you can think more clearly, tap into your intuition and solve problems more creatively. You perform at your best.



In this experiential workshop we introduce a model for overcoming the energy zapping drama that surrounds us. We teach people to manage their energy more effectively, work more efficiently, solve problems more creatively and to engage in healthy relationships. Mastering our emotional states is critical to success. We focus on why there’s drama all around us and how to step out of the drama and into empowerment.