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What I think about I bring about. Wow….if we ponder that for very long we realize the importance of managing our thoughts. Think about everything you have in your life. Your thoughts brought you all those things!  You have a choice about what you think and the reality you experience. Isn’t that marvelous?!

I learned to view the world with wonder in calculus class, a requirement for my economics major that I dreaded! Abstract math wasn’t my forte particularly at 8am in the morning when I would arrive bleary eyed after rolling out of bed in time to attend Fuzzy Vance’s lecture. Yes, he had an Einstein looking white shock of hair and his name reminded me of the math concepts in my brain, fuzzy. He had a spring in his step as he paced the floor in his plaid pants, brimming with love for his subject matter. His enthusiasm was infectious. Fuzzy would do some long calculation on the board and turn around grinning from ear to ear, genuinely amazed at the results, “Isn’t that marvelous,” he’d exclaim. 

While I never was great at calculus, Fuzzy’s class was one I looked forward to because he taught with passion and I chose to revel in his joy. It was a challenging semester but I’m convinced I got through that requirement because I chose to ride the wave of Fuzzy’s love for math and enthusiasm.  Little did I realize he was teaching me how to look at the world with marvel and delight instead of drudgery. His approach made all the difference in the world!